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30 November 2005

Get informed

Get involved

When Catholics and Anglicans switch…

29 November 2005


28 November 2005


28 November 2005

screensaver, check it out.

Driving While Stupid: Text Messaging Teen Kills Cyclist

28 November 2005
It’s likely that we’ll be hearing a lot more stories like this one over the next few years, but a teenager who was apparently text-messaging while driving stuck and killed a cyclist last week. This is likely to bring about calls for laws outlawing text messaging while driving, which is sort of missing the point. Doing anything that puts others in the road while driving is already illegal as reckless driving. Outlawing specific activities takes away from the idea that anyone sitting behind the wheel of a car should be responsible for keeping that car in control and safely where it should be. The fact that anyone would need a special law to know they shouldn’t be text messaging while driving is a scary thought.

anybody read Michener?

28 November 2005

i circumvented my rule not to capitalize bec some names deserve respect

i usally read a book every two weeks or so, but i have held myself to one a month for sometime so the rest of my life doesnt suffer

i have been reading alaska since lisa gave it to me in june

i enjoyed chesapeake very much but both take about 500 pages to get into the story and then no character development bec they keep changing

sorry mr. Michener this is my last book of yours

i friend gave me a bunch of leon uris, name to be capitalized later, and i will try that next

i am always looking for good historical fiction, i harken back to Annapolis, cant remember the author

in the meantime i have a bunch of science and finance non fiction stacking up on the to be read shelf in my family room

i can lose a lot of time to tecnology…

28 November 2005

especially pdas and medical informatics

take a look at this blog US Med Informatics
interesting stuff

Hang up and drive

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also check out the link on to Red Fridays.

Free blog

28 November 2005

hey, another blog.  what do i need this for?  it was free, saw a rss link in either newsreader or google reader.

i already have 3 blogs… evelyns, boweses and my own unpublished/unlinked journal. so i figured i would try this out, sans punctuation.  wait that is 4, i have a medical informatics blog too.

well this will be ‘what i am reading and looking at’ maybe boring maybe interesting.. . to some.