USB apps

I am beginning to find all kinds of stand alone usb apps.
thumbdrive standalone apps
kewl little programs that are exe that dont install and leave minimal to know trace. Favorite so far is newsreader with keeps your xml opml subscriptions, but the firefox, keepass and trillian stand alones are good too.

on other notes of the wasted evening, i got sucked into ultravnc tonight and for the past 2 hours havent been able to get it to work. i had tried remote desktop in years past without luck, then again a few months ago, and then my father in law tried unsuccessfully the other night. i think it is that i have too many firewalls in place. so tonight i was cruising 46 essentials for a startup manger since my computer are slowing tremendously and i found starter. one of 4 recommended but it is an exe you can put on a thumbdrive , very nice. while there i found ultravnc, hoping i could get around remote desktop type problems, i got sucked in. thus note the time.

more fun tomorrow. hope you caught rudolph tonight, kids had fun watching it.


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