What is up with Rick Warren?

I see this guy everywhere.  Is he all that or the most recent passing pop star?  i guess we are really hurting bad enough religiously and spiritually that the timing of his message might be right.  our biggest downfall is individualism and entitlements.  it just seems that everyone is wearing religion on their sleeves lately.  i dont think it was intended to be this way.  plus in a way it is debased and demeaned into vogue item.  at times accessorized.  it is now cool to be religious.  as a sidenote this can only hurt us militarily, plus it makes us righteous.  my religion is that, mine, my wife doesnt even know of understand it, she cant.  as long as it is in there, that is what counts.  in a sense we would be better off in the hedonistic 70/80s when Russia fell to capitalism, not religious zealotism.  prayer in school.  judges finding against the aclu, religious trinkets of multiple sorts in town hall front yards…. maybe it is the south.  i am bringing to cringe everytime i hear someone tell me or an answering machine say ‘have a blessed day’.  of course i will.


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