happy holidays… what is that?

I hate happy holidays. it is like …’have a good one!’ a good what? root canal? ‘have a good root canal!”

patients come in to get seen and you care about what they have, you take the time to find out. you dont just give them a ‘you have a something’, so here is a ‘general wellness pill!’….. ‘have a good one’ sometimes it may be a root canal and a general wellness pill may actually have side effects and make them worse. “what the doctor doesnt care!?” so he gave me a general old ‘have a good one’ pill?

Now if you are like Dr. Perricone or one of the supplement people, the ‘have a good one’ ‘happy holidays’ treatment might work and probably is a good catch all for most folks, like a good old vitamin. but maybe it is offensive to their system and they have an allergic reaction to it?

so with 86% of the population christian, 6% jewish and 14% black…. generally it is OK to say ‘merry christmas’. of course who knows what percent of those actually celebrate the appropriate holiday. i try and hone my wishes.
so you wont here me say happy holi..daze. i will be asking this year. not all of my christian friends celebrate Christ-mass. of the people i care about, i know who celebrates what… christmas, fest of light, kwanza, capitalism.
but if you run across me I will happily accept a Merry Christmas, Happy Advent, Happy New Year and Happy Julian’s Birthday.


One Response to “happy holidays… what is that?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    In the words of Tiny Tim, “God Bless Us, Everyone!”

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