Second life?

Anyone been there. Tried this. Check out the links below. The New York Times wrote it up and when copying the url I noticed it is in the travel section.

I was a beta tester for SimsOnline. Sounds sim-ilar. To me that was a big chat room.,1284,69600,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3
Second Life, for instance, has its own currency that is convertible to U.S. dollars at a fluctuating exchange rate. Users can buy the virtual currency using their credit cards, or sell it and get real dollars via checks or PayPal transfers.

Its 60,000 users trade $2 million a month, making its economy about the same size as that of the South Pacific island of Tuvalu. That’s small, but large enough that it supports about 100 virtual jobs, according to Philip Rosedale, chief executive of Linden Research Inc., which created Second Life. Some design virtual buildings, others design schemes of movement that make virtual bodies dance or perform other complex actions. There’s even a virtual journalist, though he’s employed by Linden Research.

Edward Castronova, an economist at Indiana University, estimates that real-money trading surrounding virtual worlds is at least $100 million this year, and probably many times that.

more click here city bought land to see how residents liked it in real life?! 

Beginning this week, a member of the Queens Community Board, Thomas Lowenhaupt, will take prototypes of parks and post 3-D models of them on the island for his neighbors to check out and give their comments


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