blogs podcasts and military and medical

I have been heavily into podcasts for the past 8 months or so. there is a lot of junk out there but there is some good stuff tooo…. ie TWiT. some of the so called bad stuff you began to enjoy as you become part of that community, think following a soap or tv show.

Blogwise, the things that interest me are physicians blogs talking about dealing with some of the variations of patients out there. has a best of 2005 lisitng. Also check (In The Pipeline) (Medpundit) (GruntDoc) (Family Medicine Notes).

Additionally, milblogs are interesting. especially in light of the war, guys blogging from overseas. this caught my attention as some of them were disciplined for this. others keep journals and transcribe them when they get back. some are upset, some are telling life to their loved ones at home and some are trying their own brand of journalism from their point of view and not from the horrific point of view of NBC (for one). daily brief, mudville, blackfive et al.
Best yet are some military medical blogs, ex military guys. gruntdoc comes to mind, check it out.

i should post my rss opml file somewhere, and or my bookmarks to or the like (once I clean them up, thanks am-deadlink).

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