Ex temporaneous thinkings on Mr. Big.

originally i like the trump show apprentice.  i had no intention of watching it this season… but my wife did.  i am one of the easily distracted people that it is trendy to be these days…. the sopisticates call it multitasking but we all know a brain cant really multitask, instead it adhds and gets just pieces of what is going on… needfultosay i ended up seeing most of the season.

mr big really turns out to be mr small or mr afraid of litigation.  the minute that rebecca broke her leg, and my opinion was that she had to go bec she didnt shine and for not having the insite to realize how immature toral was…. i turned to my wife and said ‘she will make it to the end, trump cant get rid of her after she hurt herself on one of his event.. it would be a lawyers dream.  i must admit i smile to myself and my wife as they came down to the final two and there was much lesser qualified rebecca.  i thought i was done, or atleast mr big was done.  i was right. but i was undone. i literally fell out of my chair when he offered them both to win and gave her a job.  mr big turns mr flake. wtf. this is more telling then ever book you will ever read by or about him.  doesnt this go against the premise of the show. isnt it the apprentice.  good for randall. he handled that perfectly.  nice way to steal the most qualified apprentices 10 seconds of fame by suggesting he share it with the least worthy opponent just bec she broke her leg.

since then i have bought industrial strength safety ear protection, think of what those guys on those ginormous catepillar machines wear, at the local lowes.  i will be donning them for the next season if my wife decides to watch.

now i am done.

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