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You ARE RSSing?!

16 December 2005

If you don’t have RSS setup, this is a good way to get started.
Download this file.


from CurioStudios

You can add sites, or look for the little XML or RSS symbols on your favorite site.
(ps you can also RSS on Google Reader

Here is a RSS to try adding to GreatNews


16 December 2005

MSFT bought this so now you can have all the premium features free. 

Quote of the day

16 December 2005

For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three. – Alice Kahn

his txt setup

15 December 2005

My txt setup
The explications continue.


Yahoo Notepad

15 December 2005

Fat Smoke and drink… leave it to good ol England

14 December 2005

click here


13 December 2005

Hey if you havent seen this, check it out.

A must if you like to tweak or skin.

Something that all mac fans will like.

happy holidays… what is that?

11 December 2005

I hate happy holidays. it is like …’have a good one!’ a good what? root canal? ‘have a good root canal!”

patients come in to get seen and you care about what they have, you take the time to find out. you dont just give them a ‘you have a something’, so here is a ‘general wellness pill!’….. ‘have a good one’ sometimes it may be a root canal and a general wellness pill may actually have side effects and make them worse. “what the doctor doesnt care!?” so he gave me a general old ‘have a good one’ pill?

Now if you are like Dr. Perricone or one of the supplement people, the ‘have a good one’ ‘happy holidays’ treatment might work and probably is a good catch all for most folks, like a good old vitamin. but maybe it is offensive to their system and they have an allergic reaction to it?

so with 86% of the population christian, 6% jewish and 14% black…. generally it is OK to say ‘merry christmas’. of course who knows what percent of those actually celebrate the appropriate holiday. i try and hone my wishes.
so you wont here me say happy holi..daze. i will be asking this year. not all of my christian friends celebrate Christ-mass. of the people i care about, i know who celebrates what… christmas, fest of light, kwanza, capitalism.
but if you run across me I will happily accept a Merry Christmas, Happy Advent, Happy New Year and Happy Julian’s Birthday.

Gmail file space!

10 December 2005

Gmail File Space (aka Gspace) is a Firefox extension that adds an FTP-style interface to your Gmail account, allowing you to use it like a hard drive or server of sorts.

Reminiscent of previously-mentioned Gmail Drive and gDisk, Gspace is another cool Firefox extension to take advantage of the now over 2.5GB of storage offered by Gmail. You can upload both files or entire folders. CLICK THIS

Windows from a thumbdrive?

8 December 2005

PC won’t boot? Wanna use your favorite apps on OPP (Other People’s ‘Puters)? Create a Windows boot disk with a 256MB thumbdriveRead more…

Or for more fun Google Linux LiveCD.  Kewl stuff.