Happy New Year? Happy Old Year!

Hey, what am i suppose to be happy about?  I always thought this the most underrated, let down holiday.  as i get older, not only do i not ‘get it’, but it seems almost paradoxical.

“thank god that year is over”  “yeah, i am one year closer to dead”  “hoorah a whole bunch of time went by”

Are we celebrating the potential of the new year, bec we didnt quite make it last year?

I just dont know what we are celebrating.

i guess in olden days before religion they had to have a winter solistice party.  nothing else to do, no crops to harvest, no planting to be done, no bear to hunt… all hibernating…. like we should be, not stay up past our bedtime reminded of time gone by as the once indefatigueable dick clark is now clearly fatigued so much that his trademark silky voice is gone.

i like to think back on the past year and realize all the wonderful things i am grateful for.  mostly the birth of my precious daughter and for my boys…. the rest all fades to black except for elizabeth she is something beyond black and white typeface.

So, I say Happy Old Year!  Thank God for all the wonderful things in my life and hope that if I live to see next year, I may always be as grateful as I am today.


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