Big Ass Houses

The SuperSizing of America.

One ruin of our society

I was flying west today and I noticed a trend… big ass houses. I remember 15 years ago visiting friends over the Key Bridge in No VA and some of them had large luxurious homes on nice pieces of property. Today I noticed new, large complex homes… everywhere. Interestingly, they took up 80% of their average 0.19 acre lot ( I assume this is to maximize taxes and community homeowners fees, but that is another post).

I read a statistic that was close to this: 1974 the average household housed 5.something people and was 1400 sq feet. Sounds like what I knew. Today the average home houses 3.4 people and is 2800 sq feet. I could do the math and you would find more than double the sq footage per person, but I don’t need to… the point is, you could go days without seeing one another, or have any ideas what your kids are doing. Hmmmm.

Every summer I try to take my family to my family’s summer home. It is 20×20 feet. Yup 400 sq feet. We were worried about managing the kids at bedtime bec we were all effectively in the same room… that would never work. It did! Instead of trapsing across the house to check/yell at them, they were right there. Worked well.     My boys share a room in our sizeable house, by choice. Timothy even tells us that he stays on the top bunk bec Julian has asked him to. I remember sharing a room with my brother and then with my brother and cousin. It was some of the best times of my life. I loved being Upstate, it was the best part of my youth. I cherish having my family there and will get back just as soon as I can.

So I don’t know why people are moving away from each other. The Joneses next door to me are on 2 lots, 8,000 sq feet, 4 family members = 2000 sq feet each ( and their little on is only 3 feet tall).

I have decided, the next time my family moves, I am getting as small a house as we can live in. Afterall, we have the rest of our lives to be apart.


One Response to “Big Ass Houses”

  1. babette nardiello Says:

    i agree wholeheartedly…cannot wait to downsize (-house-wise & lifestyle-wise) the days are being marked off on my calendar.

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