It all depends on your perspective.
You see USA, you self centeredly think of us, United States of America.
United States Army is also fittingly USA.

I was in Dallas Ft Worth airport today.
There were a bunch of soldiers in desert BDUs, I guess the Army calls them cammies, my own Navy self centeredness shines through.

1. Young. I was struck bec I saw these Sgts who must have been atleast mid 40s with their sandpapered faces listening to know end to a bunch of teenagers… also in uniform.
These soldiers were young.  Very young.
2. Intergenerational.  They second thing I was struck by was that they were talking for hours to guys twice their age.  When was the last time you saw the youth of today talking whole heartedly to a bunch of 40 year olds.  (maybe if they grew up in a smaller house).

3. Reality.  As I boarded my flight I noticed they had written on their boots.  ‘Typical teenager” I thought and then ‘so unsat’ but look at their haircuts, they ARE Army.  As I got closer I noticed one soldiers boot said “O+” on the side and the other’s said “A POS’ on the back.  Shame on me.
Thank you USA.


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