How to get your missed TV shows with Azureus and Bittorrent

Cut from link below

Often times there are multiple shows on at the same time that I would like to watch and I wanted a way to be able to watch those other shows.

I have a 37 inch Dell LCD TV and enjoy watching as much HD content on it as I can. Hooked up to it via one of the HDMI ports I have a PC which I am using as a media center. It currently has two hard drives in it, a
120GB and a 250GB along with an ATI Theater 550 TV card. I use the TV card to record shows that are not generally in HD content or we don’t care that they are in SD, like soaps for my wife. The rest of the shows that we’d like to watch in HD or missed recording we download from the internet using a Bittorrent client as I’ll describe now.


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