Blogs I read

I saw Mr. Town at a Get Motivated seminar.
He was a great speaker and an interested guy.
I also appreciate that he is ex military.
For finance I read his blog and Fat Pitched Financials.
Otherwise, I am still an old fashioned book financial guy.  Investing for Dummies.  Buffet.  Rich Dad Poor Dad and anything Kiyosaki, Millionaire Next Door.  You get the idea.

Rule #1 Blog: Phil Town on Investing

Most of my blog reading is through my news aggregator GreatNews I carry on my USB.  In a typical day I will look at Yahoo Most Popular, all my family’s blog sites looking for new photos, Digg, Bens Bargains and the like, Phil Town, Engaget but I dont go a day without Lifehacker.

I have a whole list of Medical Informatics blogs, doctors personal blogs and military / military docs in theater blogs… but I havent made the time to read them yet.

What are you reading?

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