Want to lose weight?

Now that I have you attention, consider running.
I was never athletic.  In my 20s I tried running twice, HATED IT.
Then the Navy started making me run twice a year 1.5 miles.
HATED IT more!

Then in preparation for middle age, or basically so I could still eat all the same crap I like without getting fatter, I started running.
Well the story is something more than that, like my neurologist was lecturing me on good health, and I heard myself lecturing all my patients.

Anyway, I dont run much, maybe 6 miles a week.  Funny, that probably sounds like a decent amount to you, but it really is quite reasonable.

Anyway, I could go on.  But check out the website below.  It is full of great articles.  Some my find the Couch to 5K good.  Others slow.  But like anything else make a committment to it for 21 days and you have a new habit.

I am in better shape today and feel better than I did when I was 20.  Honestly.
Now I need to go get some more cookies!

Cool Running :: New Runners

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