Weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips

I am always looking for new things to tell patients about weight loss.

This comes from FitTV via Lifehacker. It is not bad. I gave it to my first patient today.
Here are some tips to modify behavior and help you succeed in losing weight (some may work for you and others may not — experiment and see what controls your behavior the best.

  • Eat slowly
  • Eat in a certain place — not all over the house
  • Always sit down to a carefully set place at the table and eat only one helping of planned foods
  • Prepare only enough food for one meal
  • Plan Ahead — prepare and freeze some favorite meals in advance
  • Be aware that you are actually eating — chew each bite 25-50 times
  • Put down utensils after every mouthful.
  • Partway through the meal stop and relax for 2-3 minutes
  • Leave some food on your plate at each meal
  • Eat a balanced breakfast (it’ll give you energy to get going and provide valuable nutrients that can’t be made up later in the day)
  • Keep low fat, high fiber (filling) snacks handy (Carry along a banana, keep low-fat yogurt handy in the fridge)
  • Plan to eat some meals alone (there is a tendency to overeat in social situations)
  • Put your weight record where a friend can see it
  • Eat a carefully balanced diet so that you are not deprived of a particular food element
  • Wait 10 minutes before snacking. Between meal snacks are often impulsive and waiting may make you realize you aren’t hungry after all
  • Eat off smaller plates
  • Never skip a meal
  • Keep the right foods readily available
  • Always go to the grocery store with a list, buy only what’s on that list
  • Never go to the grocery store hungry
  • Decide if cravings are actually hunger or if your body is trying to tell you something else. You may just need to take a shower, or a nap. Sometimes you can brush and floss your teeth to rid the craving.
  • Enjoy a large glass of ice water hot tea or another calorie free beverage. Garnish with a twist of lemon or lime. Drink slowly. Try having this before a meal.
  • If you crave sweets, and a little sample is not enough, try something pickled flavored or spicy. You may just need to clear the sweet taste from your mouth
  • Clear your refrigerator and pantry of high calorie and fatty foods
  • Use nonstick cooking utensils
  • Keep a list of enjoyable activities handy and the materials readily available and try an activity when the urge to snack occurs. For example, catch up on your correspondence, do a crossword, organize your photo albums, or read a book!
  • Be more active!

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