Must have product #1

My wife got me one of these ‘kitchen’ product for our 9th anniversary.  I didnt know the theme of 9th was lame.  I opened it and honestly had a “WTF” moment.

Anyway, it has graduated to the neckband that holds my mini USB thumb drive.  This thing is awesome.  It is like ginsu wonder, cuts through all type of stuff.  It is awesome for the bajillion magazines I get, I can cut right out the articles I want and throw away the rest.  For CD cases.  For trimming down a USPS postage print out to tape on a box.  You name it.  Best $2.95 you ever spent.  Plus when will you ever again be able to be a Pampered Chef Owner for a mere $2.95?

Enjoy, you heard it here first.

Kitchenware: i-Slice®

The Pampered Chef, Ltd.

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