I came across this link it is all of Mr. Buffett's letters to shareholders.

I am reading all types of business stuff lately.  I just finished Robert Hagstrom's Warren Buffet Way this week and I am reading Phil Town's typepad blog archive.  Interesting stuff.  Mr. Town seems to have been taught by Mr. Hagstrom; maybe he is the 'Wolf'.  Anyway, if Mr. Buffett took the torch from Mr. Graham, maybe Mr. Town is offering to take the torch from Mr. Buffett in a way.  They all seem to run together.  It is amazing that Mr. Hagstrom's book was written in 1993 just before the hayday of day trading.  Didnt anyone read his book?  It all makes too much sense.  I guess Mr. Hagstrom's quote, or was he quoting Mr. Buffett about Index Investors being smart but a little knowledge and you could be a business investor and do even better was overlooked.

Anyway.  It is a very interesting universe of finance theorists.

Google Phil Town or go hear him at a Get Motivated seminar near you, interesting stuff.  Or just check out rule #1 investing's new website.


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