I am related to my Aunt Babette

She blogged 30 Things About Me.
I pasted the ones we have in common.

30 Things About Aunt Babette, 18 are like me!

1) My husband is my soul-mate, well wife, thanks
3) The other man women in my life are my daughters Lillian and Evelyn.
4) I miss my mother & sister Grandma and Mom everyday (same people)
9) I want to see Alaska/the grand canyon/ and take the train ride across Canada, probably next summer
10) I am afraid of heights, thanks Dad!
11) I will not wait on a long line for anything…nothing is that important
12) Mentally I still feel in my 30’s 50s & get scared surprised when I look in the mirror
14) I am too complex….
15) I would love to race a modified dirt car pretty much anything.
16) I cannot accept the fact that my life is 3/4 1/2 of the way over-still too many things I want to do, but I am getting there.
19) I AM thankful that my health is better than some people, and reminded of this everyday.  Come on people a little exercise and weight loss!
21) I do not need friends around me all the time- I enjoy being alone. YES.
22) I will never be at my goal weight, but getting closer….
23) I love chocolate–hence # 22, just had a Dove dark chocolate, busted!
24) I would love to take my Corvette on the track just one time around, done it, well BMW. I am an American through and through and I serve at the Pleasure of the American people, but I just cant beat that German lineage out of me!
25) Hmmm. I would love to own a Viper convertible M3 or maybe just drive one once and drive it ALL DAY LONG!
27) I wish I had a higher IQ, it can never be high enough for my patients.
30) I love Sushi, and I am overdue to have some more.  My favorite sushi joint is in Silverdale, WA, second favorite is in San Francisco (thanks Chris Grillone).


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