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4 July 2006


God Bless the Episcopalians

1 July 2006

The Kraalspace: God bless the Episcopalians

for making it so EASY to be a Catholic!The General
Convention of the Episcopal Church in the U.S. has just finished. I
didn’t bother writing anything while it was going on, as better
bloggers than I were right there on site. Anyway, there was so much
just to READ, it was hard to take the time to contribute anything.

was a tremendous “walls of Jericho” moment to see the Anglican Church I
thought existed crumbling before the loud, brassy trumpets of
relativism and sexual license. The “termites” – feminists, socialists
and homosexuals – have worked for decades insinuating themselves into
every crack and crevice of the church, and this is how a Long March is
supposed to end – with the entire rotted structure falling down in one
spectacular, unstoppable rush……..

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With people like this, it is amazing anyone is left in the Episcopal Church (?)

1 July 2006

The Kraalspace: The Passion of the Lady Novelist from Newark

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