Back to shaving, as it was meant to be.

I was up in South Carolina yesterday with my old rotatracks.  I realized that old warhorse was basically useless and certainly painful.  I was done with it.
I saw a youtube video about shaving via
I took the quick advice on technique, bought a $3 boar hair brush (I know not badger hair, but I need to learn about the right gear first and decided it was time to upgrade from that Gilette brush plus (that the cream screws in the bottom and comes up) that my Mom got me in the 1980s.  [cant even find a picture on the internet])
Believe it or not, I found Proraso cream at Target (the shaving stuff is not with all the shaving stuff, it is in a tiny Mens section near cosmetics and the manager was shock they were sold out of most of the items, including brushes…. this is catching on.)

So using the simple techniques, the right way, a brush and some shaving cream that is not the American commericalized cream or gel which has alcohol in it and drys your skin, but real stuff with eucalyptus to NOT dry your skin, I got a ton better shave.

We just got back – Family travel advice, tips, ideas, planning help, and more
How to get that perfect shave – Today, Weekend Edition –

As the article suggests this used to be a tradition passed down until capitalism killed it and everyone got crappy disposable razors.
(if you are economically or fancially inclinded read about the gillette disposible razor industry, what a corner and a racket).

Now I am off to find a turn of the century, last century, Merkur DE safety razor.


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