PV = plain vanilla

I just, literally, finished reading “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Lindbergh (wife of Charles).

It was given by a friend to Elizabeth.  It is touted as a ‘memoir, inspirational’ and maybe even a ‘woman’s book’, but I found it quite thought provoking and a book that will go on my short list of books to read again every 5 or so years.

Written in the 50s, it was the 50 anniversary edition, it is shocking how contemporary it feels.  Somehow we tend to think that life became more complex with modernization somewhere in the late 70s if not 80s and that accounts for all the hustle and bustle of a busy life.  Prior to that time we think of a rather black and white 50s era with simple life and simple routines.

This book tells me otherwise and it is a rather simply, but elegantly written group of essays about slowing down and living life.  It barely scratches if scrapes at all at the surface of why the American spirit might be predisposed this way.

The analogies to being away at war or on a train or airplane or in a simple beach house remind us of the nice self sufficience that we are all capable of if we just leave the busyness of life aside.

It is a short read, I recommend it.


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