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PRT 1.5 mi, 11’55”

27 October 2006


Good link about running a marathon

25 October 2006

Lifehacker is the only site I read everyday.
Congrats to Adam. Little did I know he was running the Chicago marathon.

Hack Attack: How to hack a marathon – Lifehacker

Couch to 5k in 6 weeks – from Lifehacker

25 October 2006

This is a little more lighthearted and fun:

Couch to 5k in 6 weeks

Blogger Wade Meredith details how he went from the couch to a 5k in 6 weeks.

Wade, who “did this last summer after having smoked a pack a day for
5 years,” describes his whole plan, from signing up for the 5k to
picking up your shirt once the race is over. His training plan and
methods seem like a slightly more ambitious version of
previously-posted Coolrunning’s Couch to 5k plan.
If you’re looking for some footsteps to follow toward a similar goal,
Wade offers some useful advice for the beginning runner.

Healthbolt » Go from couch to 5k in 6 weeks.

The Couch-to-5K Running Plan

25 October 2006

This is one of the original articles I looked at.

Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan

6.45 mi, 61’01”

24 October 2006

2.75 mi 23’41”

20 October 2006

Enter your zip code to find Halloween events in your neighborhood:

18 October 2006

GooGhoul – Halloween Haunted Houses Hayrides Events

3.0 miles, 26’40”

17 October 2006

5.0 miles 48’27” Orange Park Florida

11 October 2006

Mystery sponsor identified – Thanks Alyson!

11 October 2006

I received a donation to sponsor my run for Mom and had no idea who it was.
It was in Florida, I am in Florida.
It was towards the other coast, Steve used to live over there, could it be his old officemate?
Nope, closer to Lakeland, friend of Leslie Steffensen, but she live in Tanzania now.
Wiley sounds familiar, doesnt work with Eliz, didnt take her class… nope that is Cousin Chris’ dog’s name…..
Googled it and found a high school teenager in the midwest.
Called my Dad, nope he didnt know…..

Then the answer!  How wonderful!
Click below.  If you click on picture you can even she the reference in the letter to my Aunt Babette!

Alyson must be a wonderful person!

Mother of Purl