Mystery sponsor identified – Thanks Alyson!

I received a donation to sponsor my run for Mom and had no idea who it was.
It was in Florida, I am in Florida.
It was towards the other coast, Steve used to live over there, could it be his old officemate?
Nope, closer to Lakeland, friend of Leslie Steffensen, but she live in Tanzania now.
Wiley sounds familiar, doesnt work with Eliz, didnt take her class… nope that is Cousin Chris’ dog’s name…..
Googled it and found a high school teenager in the midwest.
Called my Dad, nope he didnt know…..

Then the answer!  How wonderful!
Click below.  If you click on picture you can even she the reference in the letter to my Aunt Babette!

Alyson must be a wonderful person!

Mother of Purl


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