Books I have read

I saw in the paper yesterday as I was flying back from Norfolk that Mitch Albom has a new book out: For One More Day. I enjoyed his previous books, Five People You Meet in Heaven and Tuesdays with Morrie, and I thought, here is a book appropriate to my life. I picked it up at BJs today and I am just about done.

I also found a Paperback Book Swap site. It allows you to list books, matches what you have with another’s wants, you send them the book, you get a credit to pick out a book for you, all for the price of postage. Pretty nice.

I also finished reading The Bourne Legacy yesterday. I read the original trilogy starting on my honeymoon ten years ago. I really enjoyed Ludlum and found them to be intriguing pager turners. Mr. Van Lustbader is just not this way. His writing is campy, sophomoric and common. The story line does not flow.

Anyway, here are some other books I have read. Maybe I will also post one that I would like to read.

Books I’ve read
the bourne legacy
For One More Day Mitch Albom
gift of the sea anne lindbergh
the procrastinators handbook rita emmett palmdigitalmedia
the warren buffet way- robt hagstrom
automatic millionaire -bach
the now habit
investing dummies
Rich Dad Poor Dad dec 05
Think and Grow Rich dec05
hackers diet dec 05

Alaska dec 05
Ready for Anything David Allen
The Millionaire Next Door
jan-davinci code readers
feb-prisoner of zenda-Antony Hope
mar- win friend influ peo
apr- potter phoenix
may- 5 peo meet heaven
june way ofzen
july extreme measures
aug Chesapeake
secret life of bees
the notebook
real boys
the captains daughter
the story about the dog in the nighttimess
7/12/05 East of Eden
horatio hornblower -forrester
bridge Audrey Grant
Evelyn Wood Remenber everything you read
Babyhood Paul Reiser
Coo Coo’s Egg -Cliff Stoll
Killer Angels
Angela’s Ashes
The Brothers Karamatov
The Art of Loving
Rainbow Six Clancy
Intern -Doctor X
Coo Coo Nest –
Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy -Adams
Bourne series Ludlam
Harry Potter Sorcer Stone
shame of man
piers anthony incarnations of immortality
horatio hornblower
ender’s game
remains of the day
hope of earth-piers anthony
getting things done
left handers syndrome-stanley coren
joshua by girzone


2 Responses to “Books I have read”

  1. babette Says:

    I read 8 of the books on your list….maybe you have given me some insight for the next one. Right now I am reading The Tipping Point and The Audacity Of Hope. ( must have readers ADD as I am always reading 2 at once. )

  2. Melanie Tyquin Says:

    Hi Brian,
    Love Mitch Album books. Can I assume you are left handed from this title “left handers syndrome”-stanley coren? Paul is too! Love to know more about that book. Over here there is an old nickname for left handed people, mollyduke. Don’t know where it came from & isn’t considered offensive. Wondering if it’s same in US. Love the quote from “One More Day”. Will definately be getting that book. Great job with marathon. Would love to contribute in some way, not sure how from down here. Please let me know how I can support you.
    Take care,

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