Too Soon to Say Goodbye

After work I ran down to the library and got out Art Buchwald’s last book.
Thought it was an appropriate book that he wrote about dying on the day he died.

I just finished reading it.  It ends with the eulogies prewritten.  Very interesting.
OK book, very light.  He is almost cavalier about death, light hearted.  My perspective may be off because I found this right on.  Despite his obvious agnosticism he holds death in a clear realm.

I have experienced quite a bit of death throughout life and it is a common thing to me.  I likely under appreciated his book because of this (although I did enjoy getting a taste of his humor).  I do appreciate that for many people reading this is the right introduction to death.  It is pallatable. 

It has always bewildered me how many people, even grown, havent been to a funeral, shun exposure to death, hide their kids from it.  It is a verboten topic in America.   If this is you, read his book.

Happy reading.

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