Hope of the Wicked Master Plan to Rule the World
Stock photo
Stock Photo
  Ted Flynn  

Under the Banner of Heaven : A Story of Violent Faith
Author: Jon Krakauer
Book Type: Hardcover

Fallen Dragon
Subject: Science Fiction & Fantasy

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Author: Harold S. Kushner
Book Type: Paperback

These are the books I ordered this week.

Hope of the Wicked recommended by my cousin Vince Forst.  A hard to find book that I got lucky and auctionsniped at ebay.

Fallen Dragon recommended by Leo Leporte on his podcast.  I rarely read Sci-fi, but I keep trying.

Bad Things… Good People  – cant remember who recommended Rabbi Kushner books.

And Under the Banner of Heaven – bec a Mormon friend told me to read it and my brother Steve recommend Krakauer and has met him.

The last three my thanks to were right in the inventory and shipped immediately.

Now, when to read them?


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