New ‘thumb’ drive

CA Internet Security Suite 2007 2GB Flash Drive ISS2007SFNTD03 at

I finally upgraded from my 64MB, yes 64mb thumbdrive about a year ago to a U3 1gb drive.
Basically awesome, portable documents.  U3, loved it.

Then, I had my eye on these credit card type drives.  One less thing to carry bec it goes in my wallet.
I saw this Saturday and ordered one.  $12 out of pocket.

Came today.  Basically it is a microSD with 41MB of software CNET says not to use.  You dont even have to format it, just erase the folder and 1.92GB of goodness all to your wallet!

I think it is sooo small it will fall out of my all-ett.  So it will go in the credit card like holder in my super thin All-Ett and make it a little thicker.  Compromise.

Meanwhile, old 1gb goes in vault with external harddrive and U3 apps.  Never really used them since I am a guy.  Plus I disliked that with U3 the firefox cache et all ended up taking up 150MB although U3 partition itself was small.

Life is a little better.  Or atleast another cool toy.

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