Any soldier mail

Please advise your friends that "Any Soldier mail" that is circulating is NOT accepted at Walter

You can send mail (UNSEALED) to the VFW post address below and they'll
distribute it.  
That said, check out the site <> website for names and
addresses of deployed soldiers who'd like to get mail. 
By personally addressing your card you can be sure it will go through. 

Finally, please ask your friends take a look at the group I work with at and consider a donation of your old unwatched DVD
movies and X-Box and PS games! 

We manage and operate a lending library at WRAMC and have recently expanded
to Brooke Army hospital as well. 

Please pass this onto everyone in your address book as the email sending
mail to any soldier @ Walter Reed is making the rounds. 

BE aware that such mail is trashed or returned to the sender... 

VFW POST 8208 will accept unsealed cards and letters or gifts and
deliver them as per our normal visits at the Hospitals.   Let all in your
email directory know. 

John Miska CDR 
VFW Post 8208 
PO Box 653 
Ruckersville, VA 22968

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