Causualty of healthcare

Today I am working on my deployment ramp up… the Navy IA checklist. It is 245pm.  I cant see, my Blackberry is dead,

I am starved, my shoulder is sore and I cant eat.

I started out this morning with my blood draw.  So I didnt eat overnight.  I

was starved.

Then I had a series of appointment, clearly some were unneeded.

I did update my immunizations and I got a nice big shot in the arm!

Then I ate my sandwich on the run starting at 10am bec I was hungry from

fasting. In one of my doctors appointment I got a call about helping set up Case Management templates for the Navy.  That is when I noticed that my Blackberry was about dead from being in the bowels of the hospital all day and trying to get a signal. At 1230 I had my eyes dialated.  Now I cant see to work or drive but I made

it back to the hospital.

Only after a chatty dental hygienist who was interested in my opionion about

his healthcare while he flooded my mouth.

Needless to say my nose itched, my shirt was wet and when I went for

Listerine before the flouride flush, it squirted on my pants.

Now I am all ready to head to my meeting, but I cant see to drive.  I want to go to the meeting bec there is chocolate there, but as I left the hygienist, ‘Sir ou cant eat for 30 minutes because of the flouride:.

So now I touch type away, cant see the screen, my should is killing me from

my tentanus shot and I am starving like a dog.   I bet the conditions in Iraq will be better!


One Response to “Causualty of healthcare”

  1. babette nardiello Says:

    From the looks of this post you need some chocolate ,STAT!!!!!!!

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