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Quote of the week

30 January 2008

“That settles it. Brian, I think I hate your router.”
-Steve Sizemore after hours of working on getting my IP camera working.

I am happy to announce that his guidance led to it now working and he will live happily after all.


The email that started it all.

30 January 2008

I think what I want to try next is to put your DSL modem in bridge mode.  This would completely turn of the router / firewall functions on the modem AND put you real ip address on the trendnet.  This is how I’m setup here.  Once we get the modem in bridge mode, I’d like to try the both trendnet and the Linksys.  I’d also like to revert back to port 1024.

If you get a change do a google search on wirespeed and bridge mode.  Also, find out if the trendnet has a place to enter DSL login information.  I think the setting is called PPPOE.

What do you think?

Canon SD1000 likely the best point and shoot ever!

25 January 2008

Canon debuts PowerShot SD1100 Digital ELPH fashioncam – Engadget

Maybe this is why the SD1000 is only $135 now. They are wildly popular. #1 point and shoot!

Cool parking permit. Too bad I wont have a vehicle in Iraq!

25 January 2008

I think I want one for my car anyway.

Welcome to Steam

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Need in canal earphones? get these. I did the research. – Brian $16 comparable to $150 Shures.

25 January 2008

Headphones – Premium Stereo iPod/MP3 Earphones (MDREX71SL) (Sony) – – electronics, computers, laptops, mp3 players

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Balad Hospital and USUHS

23 January 2008

ABC News: New Film Shines Light on War-Time Medicine

PS/disclaimer: I am a faculty member of USUHS in the Biomedical Informatics Department.

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The War.

23 January 2008

Previously I would have posted a link to this on events like Memorial Day.
I purposefully, have put this in the Commentary section and not the Deployment section.
This is because now that I am going to Iraq I don’t want to be thought of as trying to garner sympathy.

This one isn’t about me.  This one is for all those out there in harm’s way.

Simple Thoughts

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Told the kids

23 January 2008

Tonight at dinner I told the kids I would be going away.
Months of talking nearby them Timothy would typically have figured it out.
With the new things for deployment in the house and the family predeployment photos we had today, and visitors coming this weekend to say ‘goodbye’, we figured it was time.

Well, it was really an understated event.  Julian stood up on his dinner chair and proclaimed “Now I can play Lego Star Wars all the time, Whoo hoo!”  Good old Julian, not phased and looking out for number one!

Timothy was quiet.  Then he said lightly, “But Dad isn’t going to be here when the baby comes…”

When they asked how long and I said until around Halloween, the look of surprise from Timothy was remarkable.  He was sweet and said, ‘but who is going to throw the football with me?’   I said that Mommy would be he reminded me she will be busy with the new baby.

Anyway, I reassured them that all my friends say that it seems like it has been a while when you are there, but when you get home it seems to have gone quickly.

Of course, I anticipate missing them will be quite painful at times.

Here is a nice photo from today to sign off.

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23 January 2008

I love upstate New York.  Down the street from where I grew up in the summers a prolific writer moved and wrote a popular book.  Out of this is a updated blog.  My Aunt turned me on to it because you can tell what the weather is like and what is going on up there.  It kind of helps you be there whether you live in Florida or Iraq.

As I surfed the site tonight, I was appreciating his photographic skills.  Even if you have never been there, dont like Upstate, or have any other reason for disdain, it is worth a look for the wonderful photos.

Bedlam Farm Journal

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Billary does it again…. nice.

20 January 2008