IA online learning complete!

In order to spend time with the Army, I am required to complete 16 online courses.  This equals hours of fun.   Seriously over three weeks it must have taken me atleast 40 work hours.  Everything from Army values to sexual harrassment, they even have M9 (9mm pistol) and M16A3 (automatic rifle) training.  I am already qualified in both a number of years ago as an opportunity to take a break from my clinic.  Each was 3 hours of training and then an esoteric exam that you had to score 100% or start over.  It didnt tell you the wrong answer so essentially I would start at 50% and run through the whole exam to see if my score went up or down.  This drill took on average 2 hours.

So now, according to the online training, I can breakdown and fully clean and reassemble an automatic rifle.  Supposedly!


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