I just finished reading Blink.  I got it along with the Omnivore’s Dilemma for Christmas.

At first I was underwhelmed by the book.  An interesting read, a collection of interesting story with only slight intellectual massage.

The further your read into the book you realize that the chapters are almost arbitrary and there is not a real flow to the book.  You get to the Afterword and realize that the book ended the page before, but that doesnt  makes sense, it couldnt have.

The Afterword does tie it nicely together and it is an interesting look at decision making.  It clarifies some of the decisions I have had to make quickly in the Emergency Room or on the racetrack where instinct nicely intersected knowledge and experience.

The is really nothing quotable about the book.  The final paragraph has a quote that would be lost on those who have not read the book.  However,  buried in the Afterword is a pertaint quote to our Information Age, which is especially evident to me in this day of EBM (evidence based medicine) and medline not to mention “The key to good decision making is not knowledge.  It is understanding.  We are swimming in the former.  We are desparately lacking in the later.”

So Pillars of the Earth, Omnivore’s Dilemma, Music and several other books will sit on my shelf half read.  I realized part way through Blink that this unknown authors other book sat partially read on my dresser from October, I exchanged Fallen Dragon with my office mate Elizabeth who had just finished The Tipping Point as part of our Commanding Officers mandatory reading, and that I didnt realize it was right there next to where I put my wallet each night.


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