Elizabeth “Gadget Girl”

Back in December Elizabeth’s Treo 600 decided it was going to jump off the running board of the van. It stopped working, but that was OK, bec she always deemed it ‘too much phone’ for her and never used it to its full potential compared to her old PalmPilot. She missed the graffiti.

So we got her a nice new Samsung.

Samsung SCH-u740 Black

But it never really took, no matter how cool it was, she couldnt find her note list, tasks, not to mention contacts. 

So after a month, Verizon nicely took it back.

Palm® Treo™ 755p Smartphone

Enter Treo 755p!

She is so excited bec it has voice memo, takes video, her list goes on.

So much for it being ‘too much phone’. The true gadget girl emerges!


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