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3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. vikki brown Says:

    hey brian bowes hows it going remember me? i was your little sis from belfast in 1987! Im moving house and just found the beautiful album your mum and dad made me in that amazing summer of 1987 and thought i’d try and find one of you – it didnt take that long just put your name into google and up you came! I hope your dad and steve are all ok please pass on my email address to them – send me an email address and i’ll get some pics sent over and stay in touch. Be safe xo!

  2. Tim Sullivan Says:

    Hi – I recently left Camp McCrady and am now serving in HOA. PrimeTime showed us your YouTube video. Well done.

    I was putting together a DVD of the pictures and was interested in including your video. Is it possible to get the .mov file direct from you so that I could include in the dvd I am making ?



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