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4 January 2008

I just finished reading Blink.  I got it along with the Omnivore’s Dilemma for Christmas.

At first I was underwhelmed by the book.  An interesting read, a collection of interesting story with only slight intellectual massage.

The further your read into the book you realize that the chapters are almost arbitrary and there is not a real flow to the book.  You get to the Afterword and realize that the book ended the page before, but that doesnt  makes sense, it couldnt have.

The Afterword does tie it nicely together and it is an interesting look at decision making.  It clarifies some of the decisions I have had to make quickly in the Emergency Room or on the racetrack where instinct nicely intersected knowledge and experience.

The is really nothing quotable about the book.  The final paragraph has a quote that would be lost on those who have not read the book.  However,  buried in the Afterword is a pertaint quote to our Information Age, which is especially evident to me in this day of EBM (evidence based medicine) and medline not to mention “The key to good decision making is not knowledge.  It is understanding.  We are swimming in the former.  We are desparately lacking in the later.”

So Pillars of the Earth, Omnivore’s Dilemma, Music and several other books will sit on my shelf half read.  I realized part way through Blink that this unknown authors other book sat partially read on my dresser from October, I exchanged Fallen Dragon with my office mate Elizabeth who had just finished The Tipping Point as part of our Commanding Officers mandatory reading, and that I didnt realize it was right there next to where I put my wallet each night.

Amalgamation of some of my favorite bibliophile links

20 June 2007

Hack Attack: 13 book hacks for the library crowd – Lifehacker


8 March 2007
Hope of the Wicked Master Plan to Rule the World
Stock photo
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  Ted Flynn  

Under the Banner of Heaven : A Story of Violent Faith
Author: Jon Krakauer
Book Type: Hardcover

Fallen Dragon
Subject: Science Fiction & Fantasy

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Author: Harold S. Kushner
Book Type: Paperback

These are the books I ordered this week.

Hope of the Wicked recommended by my cousin Vince Forst.  A hard to find book that I got lucky and auctionsniped at ebay.

Fallen Dragon recommended by Leo Leporte on his podcast.  I rarely read Sci-fi, but I keep trying.

Bad Things… Good People  – cant remember who recommended Rabbi Kushner books.

And Under the Banner of Heaven – bec a Mormon friend told me to read it and my brother Steve recommend Krakauer and has met him.

The last three my thanks to were right in the inventory and shipped immediately.

Now, when to read them?

Too Soon to Say Goodbye

19 January 2007

After work I ran down to the library and got out Art Buchwald’s last book.
Thought it was an appropriate book that he wrote about dying on the day he died.

I just finished reading it.  It ends with the eulogies prewritten.  Very interesting.
OK book, very light.  He is almost cavalier about death, light hearted.  My perspective may be off because I found this right on.  Despite his obvious agnosticism he holds death in a clear realm.

I have experienced quite a bit of death throughout life and it is a common thing to me.  I likely under appreciated his book because of this (although I did enjoy getting a taste of his humor).  I do appreciate that for many people reading this is the right introduction to death.  It is pallatable. 

It has always bewildered me how many people, even grown, havent been to a funeral, shun exposure to death, hide their kids from it.  It is a verboten topic in America.   If this is you, read his book.

Happy reading.

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Diane Rehm interviews Buchwald

18 January 2007

WAMU 88.5 FM American University Radio – The Diane Rehm Show for Friday February 24, 2006

Art Buchwald

18 January 2007

Saw a PBS program in the last 3 weeks with him.
He was talking about checking himself out of hospice after he didnt die.
It was very interestsing and then he died today. Too Soon to Say Goodbye: Books: Art Buchwald

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Good Books – from Aunt Babette with my comments

17 January 2007

Mother of Purl: Good Reads !!

from “For One More Day”

23 November 2006

‘What causes an echo?’
The persistence of sound after the source has stopped.
‘When can you hear an echo?’
When it’s quiet and other sounds are absorbed.
When it’s quiet, I can hear my mother’s echo still.

Books I have read

18 November 2006

I saw in the paper yesterday as I was flying back from Norfolk that Mitch Albom has a new book out: For One More Day. I enjoyed his previous books, Five People You Meet in Heaven and Tuesdays with Morrie, and I thought, here is a book appropriate to my life. I picked it up at BJs today and I am just about done.

I also found a Paperback Book Swap site. It allows you to list books, matches what you have with another’s wants, you send them the book, you get a credit to pick out a book for you, all for the price of postage. Pretty nice.

I also finished reading The Bourne Legacy yesterday. I read the original trilogy starting on my honeymoon ten years ago. I really enjoyed Ludlum and found them to be intriguing pager turners. Mr. Van Lustbader is just not this way. His writing is campy, sophomoric and common. The story line does not flow.

Anyway, here are some other books I have read. Maybe I will also post one that I would like to read.

Books I’ve read
the bourne legacy
For One More Day Mitch Albom
gift of the sea anne lindbergh
the procrastinators handbook rita emmett palmdigitalmedia
the warren buffet way- robt hagstrom
automatic millionaire -bach
the now habit
investing dummies
Rich Dad Poor Dad dec 05
Think and Grow Rich dec05
hackers diet dec 05

Alaska dec 05
Ready for Anything David Allen
The Millionaire Next Door
jan-davinci code readers
feb-prisoner of zenda-Antony Hope
mar- win friend influ peo
apr- potter phoenix
may- 5 peo meet heaven
june way ofzen
july extreme measures
aug Chesapeake
secret life of bees
the notebook
real boys
the captains daughter
the story about the dog in the nighttimess
7/12/05 East of Eden
horatio hornblower -forrester
bridge Audrey Grant
Evelyn Wood Remenber everything you read
Babyhood Paul Reiser
Coo Coo’s Egg -Cliff Stoll
Killer Angels
Angela’s Ashes
The Brothers Karamatov
The Art of Loving
Rainbow Six Clancy
Intern -Doctor X
Coo Coo Nest –
Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy -Adams
Bourne series Ludlam
Harry Potter Sorcer Stone
shame of man
piers anthony incarnations of immortality
horatio hornblower
ender’s game
remains of the day
hope of earth-piers anthony
getting things done
left handers syndrome-stanley coren
joshua by girzone

ohhhh this is sooo up my alley!

15 September 2006

Read the classics in email-sized chunks with DailyLit – Lifehacker