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Book of Note

18 January 2006

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a must read.

Here is a summary

anybody read Michener?

28 November 2005

i circumvented my rule not to capitalize bec some names deserve respect

i usally read a book every two weeks or so, but i have held myself to one a month for sometime so the rest of my life doesnt suffer

i have been reading alaska since lisa gave it to me in june

i enjoyed chesapeake very much but both take about 500 pages to get into the story and then no character development bec they keep changing

sorry mr. Michener this is my last book of yours

i friend gave me a bunch of leon uris, name to be capitalized later, and i will try that next

i am always looking for good historical fiction, i harken back to Annapolis, cant remember the author

in the meantime i have a bunch of science and finance non fiction stacking up on the to be read shelf in my family room