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9 February 2008

I have found to be cumbersome and difficult to use when I the road. I am switching to the link above until further notice.

For people with dial up or cell phones try

Safely at Camp McCrady, Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.

Welcome to the Narmy – Fleet of One!

Uniform pickup!

8 February 2008

One big full seabag!  4 sets of uniforms. Socks. Boots. The whole works.  Must weigh 40 pounds.

Off on a bus to South Carolina tomorrow for training.  CLICK HERE img_1178-small.jpgimg_1177-small.jpg

Day 4

7 February 2008

This is important!

Military copes with shortage of chaplains –

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United Through Reading

6 February 2008

A way to leave a little of yourself behind to read to the kids while you are gone.

Military Program: Overview

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A resource for familys – Elmo talks about deployment.

6 February 2008

Share with your friends who have kids before their parents deploy.

Talk, Listen, Connect

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Day 1

4 February 2008

day 1

So today was pretty much hurry up and wait. Up at 545, home at 5pm. We had a different lecture each hour on the hour of the morning tha lasted a half an hour. I think we covered about 2 1/2 to 3 hours of material. But hey, that is OK. I am trying to just sit back and follow the group. I think that is the therapeutic approach and maybe something I need to learn, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I wasnt in a rush all day, even with all the miscues, or problems I wont go into here. Because after all, hurrying up wont get me home faster. October/November comes when it does. Still 250+ days to go.

I inserted the picture Day 1 from my webcam. Maybe I will do the daily picture like some people do as something to keep me entertained. I wonder how much I will be able to tell from other than when I got a haircut.

The vote is on. Leave a comment if I should or should not take the daily picture. If you don’t know what I am talking about, look below or CLICK HERE

Safely in Norfolk! The Journey Begins…

3 February 2008

I had a busy day getting ready.  I did manage to throw the football with Timothy (his biggest concern is no one to throw with this year).  I must admit I have thrown a football more in the last few months than in the previous 37 years.  I still have a hard time throwing a spiral (thanks Mr. Rockcamp) but Timothy is teaching me how!

I arrived safely in Norfolk tonight at 730pm.  Went right to the CBH on base and no reservation!  So I am now at a hotel which just means getting up an hour earlier to commute.

Thats OK, I dont think I will have much of a commute for the rest of the year!

(for you tech fans out there my IP cam, FTP server and remote access via Logmein work just like I am at home! [thanks Steve])

Fears… irony

1 February 2008

As a child of the 70s there were two primary fears I had as a little boy.

1. War (nuclear with Russia specifically)
2. Cancer

My Mom died of cancer when I was 24.
Now I am off to war.

However, I am military doctor.

This begs the question.  Does life choose us, or do we choose life?

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Balad Hospital and USUHS

23 January 2008

ABC News: New Film Shines Light on War-Time Medicine

PS/disclaimer: I am a faculty member of USUHS in the Biomedical Informatics Department.

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Told the kids

23 January 2008

Tonight at dinner I told the kids I would be going away.
Months of talking nearby them Timothy would typically have figured it out.
With the new things for deployment in the house and the family predeployment photos we had today, and visitors coming this weekend to say ‘goodbye’, we figured it was time.

Well, it was really an understated event.  Julian stood up on his dinner chair and proclaimed “Now I can play Lego Star Wars all the time, Whoo hoo!”  Good old Julian, not phased and looking out for number one!

Timothy was quiet.  Then he said lightly, “But Dad isn’t going to be here when the baby comes…”

When they asked how long and I said until around Halloween, the look of surprise from Timothy was remarkable.  He was sweet and said, ‘but who is going to throw the football with me?’   I said that Mommy would be he reminded me she will be busy with the new baby.

Anyway, I reassured them that all my friends say that it seems like it has been a while when you are there, but when you get home it seems to have gone quickly.

Of course, I anticipate missing them will be quite painful at times.

Here is a nice photo from today to sign off.

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